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Simon Revans Gála

2024.03.30. 12:00 BOK csarnok Budapest, Dózsa György út 1, 1146

23 December 2023.

We held our "usual" Christmas distribution of hot food and non-perishable food to families in need.

Thanks to our supporters and the proceeds from the Simon Revans Gala, we were able to bring joy to hundreds of families in need with our Christmas gift giving!

Thank you to Mr. Peter Tasnádi for his contribution! Merry and peaceful Christmas to all!

S.O.S. Ukraine to the "0" point

Do you like a challenge?

Come with us to Ukraine to share our humanitarian aid supplies! We deliver humanitarian aid to war-torn areas of Ukraine. You can experience what life is like for civilians in the midst of the war threat, and what everyday life is like for soldiers fighting near the front. The journey will take you to the so-called "point zero" (the last safe, settlement, location near the front). Anyone over 18 years of age with a valid passport can take part in this adventurous journey. You can meet and talk to the local population, soldiers, take photos and videos, and do good deeds while supporting our S.O.S. Ukraine Humanitarian Mission.

Apply by email 

A csapat!

Want to be part of a great European adventure? We'll take you on a caravan tour of Europe's countries and major cities! We are preparing street fundraising events and performances. Your board and lodging is on us! All you have to do is be perfect speak, write and read in Dutch, English is an extra advantage. First stop is Amsterdam and the busy squares of the major cities of the Netherlands. In advance you will have to organise and coordinate with local NGOs, authorities, we need you! If you are interested in such a big adventure, please contact the president of the association

Elemér Simon +36 70 567 1443

A csapat!

The Borhy Horticulture was distributed among families in need

Our newest sponsor is


Borhy Gardening


Our NGO Borhy Gardening is making our headquarters a home from home with donations of seedlings, soil and cattle manure. Thank you to Borhy Gardening for their help!

Our mission


S.O.S. Ukraine humanitarian mission


Our NGO is constantly supporting the war-torn Ukrainian people with aid shipments, delivering donations to the refugees in Eastern Ukraine in Vinograd, Transcarpathia.

Our latest action

S.O.S. Ukraine


We started our humanitarian mission S.O.S. Ukraine to help children and their families in need in Ukraine. Therefore, we draw the attention of all people at home and abroad to support us with a donation in kind or money, because the association distributes donations to Ukraine, where they are most urgently needed!

Ukrainian athletes sent a thank-you video from the front line


Olympic champions, world champions, European champions Ukrainian athletes thanked our association for the S.O.S. Ukraine humanitarian work we have carried out in Ukraine.

S.O.S. Ukraine-Mission


We received this video from a Ukrainian humanitarian organisation thanking us for our efforts so far. The war is not over, they are asking for more help from countries, NGOs, individuals and companies!